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Work advice for disability support workers

Disability support worker jobs have a lot of challenges, and you deserve support to do your best work.

The ASU is the Union for workers in the disability sector.

Members get access to expert professional advice about:

  • disability support workers rights at work

  • disability sole traders

  • disability award classification

  • pay and conditions under the NDIS

By joining the Australian Services Union you:

  • have automatic coverage for journey insurance in case you are injured traveling to or from work;

  • can be part of building a strong union in your workplace so that members have a real say over matters that affect them;

  • have the resources you need to understand and improve your pay, conditions and entitlements;

  • can receive assistance to tackle workplace problems such as roster changes, safety issues, unfair treatment and the many other issues we sometimes face at work;

  • can access training and career development resources run by experts and designed to give your career a boost ;

  • have experienced and skilled people on your side if something goes wrong or if you are treated unfairly.

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