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How much leave could you have?

Every worker in the NDIS should have paid time off work for holidays, breaks, long service and if you are unwell or caring for someone in your family.

Permanent workers in the NDIS have access to annual leave, sick and personal leave, and long service leave.

Most workers in the NDIS are casual, part-time, or sole traders. These workers do not get the benefits that permanent full time workers get like access to paid time off.

Even full time workers often miss out on long service leave because of changes in client funding and choices. ASU members are campaigning for ALL workers in the NDIS to have access to paid time off.

Use our calculator to find out how much leave you could have if we had portable entitlements.

​Portable entitlements will mean all disability workers have access to the same basic entitlements as other essential workers like nurses and teachers.

Portable entitlements mean that all workers can access entitlements like leave regardless of how they are employed, where they work, or if they change jobs.

All community services workers get long service leave in the ACT, Victoria, and Queensland based on the years they have worked in the sector – not the years they have worked for a particular employer. This applies to casuals too.

Portable leave entitlements are like superannuation – something that you carry with you from job to job and build over time to take when you are ready to take them. Portable sick leave in the pandemic would have made a big difference. 

Disability Support Workers are joining together to make a difference in our sector.

You make a difference every day and deserve to be valued for what you do. 

You don’t deserve to miss out. 

  1. Join the Australian Services Union. (Membership gives you access to workplace advice, includes free journey insurance, and professional indemnity insurance)

  2. Spread the word to keep up momentum.

  3. Book a union meeting for your workplace to help get more people involved so together we can achieve portable leave for community workers.

Disability Support workers make the difference in the NDIS
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